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In-house design studio! We provide visuals with customised products according to your brand

Individual branding! Not only can we do direct silk screen printing, transfer printing, and pad
printing, but we also engrave on textiles, put volumetric labels on different materials, offer 3D-feeling
print for small objects, and transfer print with special materials such as velvet and 3D embroidery.

Quality addicted! We focus on quality inspection and branding of products throughout the
project flow.

Warehousing tailored to your needs! We provide individual packing, special packing, labelling,
single-item shipments to multiple deliveries, split, storing, and delivery worldwide.

Samples showroom! We can send you free samples of all our products to your office, but you
are also welcome in our showroom to choose from a vast range of promotional objects and
textiles. We serve the best coffee and tea to make your visit more enjoyable.

Trade shows! We participate in overseas trade shows to find the latest trends in promotional
products, seek new contacts, and grow stronger business relations with our partners.

We go green! Throughout our actions, we continually seek to integrate and respect
sustainability principles, both internal and external, so that we can minimise adverse
environmental impacts.
We propose eco-friendly materials and products such as organic textiles, wood, paper,
bamboo, cork, reusable products, recycled materials, biodegradable products, corn plastic,
energy saving products, solar powered products, natural cotton, RPET, silicone, water based
inks, etc.
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